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A great Blog about real estate in Delaware. This blog will also talk about the activities to do in Delaware, as well as shopping.

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Lewes Real Estate

Posted by Kyle Green on 23 January 2018, 11:05 PM

Lewes Real Estate

The Lewes real estate market has very low inventory right now. This means we are in a seller's market. A seller's market is defined by having less than 6 months of supply on the market. Months supply is a metric to determine what kind of real estate market you are in. It means how many months would it take the supply of homes on the market to sell off if no new listings come on the market. It is calculated by taking the total number of homes sold within the past year then dividing that number by 12 to get how many homes sell a month on average. Then you take the number of homes currently on the market and dividing that by the average of homes sold each month to get months supply. If months supply is over 6 then it is a buyers market, if it is below 6 that's a seller's market, and 6 is a balanced market. I have provided an example below with real numbers from the Lewes market.

Homes sold in Lewes, DE in the past year: 561
Average per month (561 / 12): 46.75
Homes currently on the market: 226
Months supply (226 / 46.75): 4.83
As you can see the months supply is below 6 meaning inventory is low and that we are in a seller's market.

Whether you are buying or selling in Lewes it is necessary to have a skilled Lewes real estate agent on your side. If you are buying there are still great homes available out there even though inventory is rather low. Searching for homes in Lewes or looking for Rehoboth Beach real estate is always easier if you have a licensed Realtor working with you.




The Don Williams Group

Specializing in Lewes Real Estate, Top Realtors in Lewes, DE

18344 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958
Phone: 302-703-9933 Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-5:00pm

Lewes Delaware Real Estate

Posted by Kyle Green on 24 February 2012, 9:40 PM

In this post rather than talking about Rehoboth Beach I will be focusing on Lewes. Lewes Beach is only a few miles from Rehoboth Beach and in my opinion is a much better beach community. The fishing is much better the beaches are cleaner and the people are friendlier. Lewes has a state park called Cape Henlopen. It also has a ferry that will take you into New Jersey which is called the Cape May Lewes Ferry. If you would like to visit Lewes or buy a home here then you are reading the right article. I want to tell you an extremely easy way to find Lewes Delaware real estate. The way I am talking about is no other than the best real estate agency in Delaware: The Don Williams Group.  With the new Don Williams Group website it is now easier than ever to find homes for sale in Lewes Delaware. If Lewes isn’t your first choice then you can also find homes in Milton by changing your search terms to Milton DE real estate. The website also makes it easy to find real estate in Rehoboth Beach Delaware as well as short sales in Lewes DE. If you want to find lots for sale in Lewes DE then you can just click on the Lewes DE real estate listings and search for all available lots in the area. The Don Williams group website has so many homes to search for and a ton of Lewes DE real estate for sale that the chances of you finding exactly what you are looking for are very high. When I first started looking for real estate in Lewes DE I was scared that I wouldn’t find what I wanted. Lucky for me I stumbled upon the DWG’s website through a simple Google search. When I searched on the website I found my dream home within minutes then I just simply scheduled a tour of the home to make sure it was what I wanted. It was and I have never been happier. To find a great real estate agent check out the links below.

If you are looking for a home in Southern Delaware then please check out Rehoboth Beach Real Estate and Delaware real estate. There is also Lewes, DE Real Estate and Bethany Beach Real Estate. These Newcastle markets are different from the Sussex County market because there are no beach houses. For instance Newcastle County has homes for sale in Wilmington, DE and it also has homes for sale in Newark, DE. Now that you know all about the real estate in Delaware you can choose a County that suits your needs. If you have any questions you can shoot a licensed Realtor an email and you should receive a quick response.

The Don Williams Group
18344 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958
(302) 703-9933

Real Estate in Delaware

Posted by Kyle Green on 11 February 2012, 9:48 PM

This is yet another post about real estate in Delaware. I mainly post about Sussex County real estate because this is the best place to live in my opinion. Here are some awesome links to the best cities in Delware.


If you get tired of these real estate links please check back soon for more. I will be posting more and more about real estate in Delaware.

Sussex County Real Estate

Posted by Kyle Green on 25 August 2011, 7:43 AM

This is my new post on my educational blog about Delaware real estate. I am updating all my real estate blogs with new posts. The posts are mostly about real estate in Delaware. In this post I will be covering how the market is doing in Sussex County as well as in New Castle County. The market down in the beach towns is sky high. Buyers are flocking to Delaware beaches because they are so beautiful. However the market in Northern Delaware is on the decline. People would rather have a home near the beach than in the suburbs. The city of Lewes is one of the main beach towns along with Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach. Dewey is more of a party town for young adults with its wild nightlife, while Rehoboth Beach is more of a family community. Lewes on the other hand has something for everyone. They have activities for children as well as adults, that is why Lewes is the fastest growing cities in Delaware at the current moment. Lewes also has some of the best fishing spots around the entire East Coast. Buyers love great communities and Lewes is filled with them. Home buyers often search for the best deal they can get. So they are often more than satisfied when they buy a home in Sussex County. I would also like to discuss in this blog post some new search terms I am trying out. The first one is Lewes DE real estate. The next is a term is little more complicated and can be found along with Rehoboth Beach real estate. The last search term is mostly the same one that I have been using since I started the site and has been doing very well in search engines. It is about the community at The Peninsula Delaware.

Find a real estate agent in Delaware today!


Posted by Kyle Green on 02 August 2011, 7:47 PM

Sussex County has the some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country! Recently I have been looking at Sussex County Real Estate and have found some awesome homes. I have been interested in a home in Sussex County for a long time. Preferably somewhere in Lewes, Rehoboth, or even Dewey Beach. When I buy my home in Sussex County I will also be buying a boat because I plan to go fishing every weekend. Lower Delaware has great flounder fishing that I will being taking advantage of in my new boat. I also will use my boat to go crabbing and water skiing. I might also get a jet ski. 

I would also like to help people who are looking for a home or a vacation rental in Delaware. I will provide some great real estate links. These links will take you to the best Delaware real estate web site on the internet. On this site you can easily search for homes, get updates about properties and much more. This site is very easy to use and it designed very well.

Delaware beaches were voted the cleanest in the whole country. There is no sales tax in Delaware. That is why so many people come to delaware for the shopping. There are many outlet stores in the Lewes area that offer great prices on name brands.

I have lived in Delaware my whole life and I absolutely love it here. I am so close to everything I need. I am only an hour away from the beaches and forty five minutes from Philadelphia, PA. Living in Delaware does not have any disadvantages.

Now is time for me to give you some great real estate links.

Delaware Real Estate Links

The Peninsula Delaware The best community in Delaware.

Bethany Beach Real Estate Bethany Beach is very beautiful.

Long Neck Real Estate Long Neck has great neighborhoods.

Rehoboth Beach Real Estate Find houes in Rehoboth Beach.

Lewes Beach Real Estate Buy houses in Lewes Beach, Delaware.

Homes in Rehoboth Beach Find your dream home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Homes for sale in Rehoboth Beach Beautiful houses for sale in Rehoboth Beach.

Homes for sale in Lewes DE amazing homes in Lewes, Delaware.

Homes for sale in Bethany Beach Bethany Beach homes are awesome.

homes for sale in The Peninsula DE The Peninsula Delaware has houses for sale.

homes for sale in Millsboro Find houses for sale in Millsboro, Delaware.

Homes for sale in Oceanview Oceanview homes for sale.

Condos for sale in Rehoboth Beach Rehoboth Beach condos are for sale.

Rehoboth Beach Real Estate Lewes Beach is so beautiful and so are the homes.

Lewes Beach Real Estate Great link for real estate.

Sussex County Real Estate Sussex County offers some of the greatest real estate around.

When you click on these links you will be taken to the best real estate website for Delaware. This site covers properties in Sussex County. With this site you can find your dream home in Delaware. Wether its in Lewes, Rehoboth, or Dewey Beach. Have fun house hunting!

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